Alabama drunk driving law and DUI charges

Alabama Drunk Driving Law And DUI Charges

If you’re facing DUI charges in Alabama, you have just 10 days from the time of your arrest to take legal action, or your driver’s license could be suspended. A DUI conviction can lead to license suspension, court-mandated DUI class attendance, hefty fines, and municipal or county jail time—and that’s just for a first offense. A fourth offense is a felony. It’s important to act quickly with a DUI defense lawyer to get your most realistic options outlined and your defense underway.

DON’T lose hope after DUI charges. DO gain a defense lawyer.

Keep in mind that a DUI charge is not a conviction—and there are many methods a defense lawyer familiar with the intricacies of Alabama DUI law can use to fight off a looming conviction. Don’t make the common mistake of entering a guilty plea on your own without first examining the details of your individual arrest with one of our experienced lawyers—even if you personally believe you’ll be found guilty. Dealing with Alabama DUI law can be intimidating, but a good defense attorney knows what details to look for to expose potential cracks in the prosecution’s case against you.

“What if I failed a breath test? Isn’t that a guaranteed DUI conviction?”

Alabama law sets the legal blood alcohol content level (or BAC) at .08% or higher, meaning the state considers driving under the influence impaired and illegal at that level. The burden of proof that you reached that limit rests with the state prosecution, and the breath test commonly used, known as the PAS or Preliminary Alcohol Screening test, measures the concentration of alcohol in your breath to an estimate of your BAC level, which means that these measurements are not strictly accurate. Testing the breath introduces flaws in part because it is possible for some types of gum, mints, or even dental adhesives to register some alcohol content in a reading. Add in potential administrator error at the scene, lack of officer training on the machine, and other inherent flaws with this BAC measuring method, and you may beat a DUI conviction even if you were tested with a BAC over the legal limit, with the right defense.

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